Workshop: Learn how to enjoy your Love Life and build better relationships

Workshop: Learn how to enjoy your Love Life and build better relationships

Tokyo, June, 1 & 2 - 2019

The purpose of life is to be ALIVE. To touch, feel, hear, see and live in a dynamic flow of PRESENCE. To respect our wisdom, face our fears, to open to the laughter that brings tears, and the joy that takes us beyond ourselves. To celebrate life and fully enjoy the connection with others.

How does this work on the practical level in daily life? How to create fulfilling relationships with others? How to accept yourself as you are now? How to express your emotions without fear? How to make new connection with others and find a partner?

Join us in our workshop “Learn how to enjoy your Love Life and build better relationships”.

How to enjoy your love life ?

About the workshop

In our fast-paced world, it is more and more difficult to build good relationships with others. We often replace human connections with social media, dating apps and we sometimes do not know how to approach others and how to be in a relationship.

The first step to building good relationships with others is to build a good relationship with yourself and understanding how to deal with emotions and to express yourself.

In a 2-day journey, we will guide you with different breathing and meditation techniques to create a deeper connection with yourself and release tensions that are blocking you. From there we will explore how to build and improve relationships you have with others.

This workshop gives you the opportunity and safe space to dive deep into the exploration of relationships. You are led through an empowering immersive experience of inner and outer journeying, connecting to yourself and others. Learning different communication tools and ways to express yourself so you can enjoy your close relationships more or build new ones. Finding ways to feel comfortable and relaxed in interactions with others.

We use a specialized breathing technique, called rebirthing breathwork (getting reborn through breath). This is a very special technique that helps you to release stored emotions from the past, detoxes your body on a deep level and restores your vibrant flow of life energy. This restores both your physical and mental balance. After Rebirthing breathwork you will feel more fresh, relaxed and will find it easier to connect with others.

You can join us for 1 or 2 days in this experiential and transformative workshop.

Who is this workshop for?


For those who want to feel balance and joy in their daily life

For those who are looking for ways to build new fulfilling relationships

For those who want to improve their relationships with others

For those who are looking for tools on how to express themselves

For those who want to get more skills on how to find a partner

For those who want to start or are already on a self-development journey.


Come as you are, it is a safe space to explore, where you can expand and grow.

The Program:


10.00 – 12.30:


Guided meditation and movement

Learning different tools about how to relax

Exploring different tools about how to deal with emotions

Learning different communication tools for more joyful relationships


14.00 – 19:00:


Breathwork session

How to build self-confidence and self-acceptance







June, 1 & 2 from 10.00 until 19.00 with a 90-minute break



Send a message to to book your place. There are only 4 seats available!



1-day workshop: 10.000 JPY

2-day workshop: 15.000 JPY

What will you get out of this workshop?


You will embark on a journey of self-discovery

You will learn tools about how to build new and fulfilling relationships with friends or a future partner

You will learn different communication skills to improve your relationship with others

You will get a better understanding on how to deal with your own emotions and others’ emotions

You will learn different breathing and meditation techniques that will help you to release tensions and emotions for a better physical and mental balance

You will learn tools that you can use after the workshop to continue your journey of growth and exploration.


Why do this workshop?


The more you know about yourself and have the proper tools to deal with your emotions, the more you can relax, connect with others and enjoy life. Life is not only about doing, it’s about living, experiencing and learning.


If you love it (we´re sure you will), you can join us in our 6-day retreat in Tokyo from October, 9 to 14. More information coming soon!


Leonie Louise is an experienced psychologist in the clinical field and has spent many years studying acupuncture, meditation, breathwork and relationship therapy. In 2008 she started a practice in Amsterdam together with a psychiatrist, combining regular therapy with breathing and meditation techniques guiding couples and individuals. In the past few years, Leonie has been focusing more on rebirthing breathwork in combination with Authentic Relating because of the big transformational value she saw in herself and others.

In her journey she discovered that body, mind and spirit are all one beautiful interconnected web, which can self-heal given the right conditions. She experienced that we all have the capacity to create fulfilling connections with ourselves and others, providing we have the right tools that work for us and have a space to explore and practice.

Leonie works in an intuitive way and she uses her background in clinical psychology to create a safe space for healing and transformation.

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