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2 Tantric massages to improve connection and intimacy

#February 1, 2022

Tantric breast massage is a ritual to receive sensual energy and experience a deep connection with yourself or your partner. You don’t necessarily need a partner to practice breast massage, you can do it on yourself and still enjoy many benefits. A breast massage can be sensual and arousing, but it is more than that, and there are important health benefits for a committed practitioner. 

Are there any risks?

Breast massage is very safe. Of course, since the breast tissue is delicate, be gentle and do not bruise the breasts. Using massage oil to avoid friction or pain is necessary – you can integrate the application of the oil as the first step of the massage. If you have breast cancer or surgery on your breasts, it is important to be very careful around lumps and scars. Seeking treatment from a licensed massage therapist for a breast massage is better under these circumstances. 


From a tantric perspective, breasts have strong associations with emotions especially with affection and security. Breasts are located on two sides of the Anahata chakra which is known as the spiritual heart, thus they are the centre of love. If a woman keeps her emotions to herself without expressing, processing or storing them in the right way, the natural way of energetic flow can be disrupted. By opening your heart, breast massage lets the emotional energy flow through your body. 

When a woman receives a massage focused on their breasts, they experience pleasure, healing, and intimacy. Thus this is a great way for couples to connect on a deeper level and for a partner to manifest their love. A study conducted in 2020 shows that receiving and giving couples massages has great benefits in terms of increasing well-being and decreasing stress. There were no significant differences in well-being between receivers and givers. Thus, this is a practice where both parties can experience the benefits. 

Breast massage has some psychological benefits as well – it can promote relaxation and reduce stress for the receiver. Many women lack self-confidence about their breasts. The beauty standards set by society affect the way women view their breasts. People constantly try to make sure they look presentable and worry about their appearance and how they change throughout the years. However, with breast massage, we can choose to love and care for the breasts. Breast massage can help women to change their negative views about their breasts and see them as a source of energy and pleasure. With regularly practiced breast massage you can foster self-love and acceptance for your body. 


Other reported benefits of breast massage include:

  • Breast massage stimulates blood circulation which in turn helps with accumulated lymph fluid to drain away. 
  • Research over the years has found that breast massage may have many benefits for lactating women including less breast pain while feeding, an increase in the quality of breast milk, improve flow of milk, and prevention and treatment issues such as plugged milk ducts.
  • Breast massage is helpful with hormonal balance and improving the flow of hormones. 
  • And of course, they are orgasmic! Many women experience breast orgasms. With this massage, women can experience sensual stimulation and endless pleasure. It activates oxytocin and dopamine in the brain which are associated with pleasure.
  • Regularly massaging your breasts is a way to check on your health by self-examining for any lumps or bumps. 
  • It is suggested that one of the many benefits of breast massage is helping with sensitive, painful breasts during the period. 
  • According to anecdotal references, muscle pain caused by exercise can be improved with breast massage. 


Testicle Massage

Testicle massage in tantra can be considered as the male correspondent of breast massage for women. There are many stimulating and relaxing methods to massage the testicles. Just like breast massage, it can be performed by the person themselves or by a loving and caring partner. 

Men often feel pressure when it comes to their sexual performance. They want to fulfil their partner’s expectations and this performance anxiety can make their sexual life unpleasurable in many ways. With tantric testicle massage, there is no pressure or any duty for them to fulfil, they can experience attention and stimulation solely for pleasure and connection. This can be a very freeing and relaxing experience and change their views on intimacy. 

Are there any risks?

Testicle massage is a safe practice if you do it gently and carefully. Some important tips to avoid any contradictions are being mindful about hygiene by keeping your hands clean, being careful with your nails and not twisting the testicles.


Testicle massage is extremely beneficial for a man. You can expect better and longer erections, increased testosterone production, improved blood circulation in the testicles and scrotal area, and better testicle health in general, as a result of testicle massage. It is important to turn this practice into a regular habit to enjoy the benefits. 

Most men neglect their testicles, but with testicle massage, you can learn about the sensitive spots in your body. Testicles are filled with nerve endings and you can enjoy great pleasure. This massage can be foreplay, however, the main point is focusing on the massage and the sensations instead of the expectation of sex. You need to be fully in the moment for this. Testicle massage or any tantric massage is not about having an orgasm. You may or may not experience it in the natural process. Ejaculation doesn’t mean the massage has to end, as it is not the end goal of the practice. The massage can enhance the connection you have with your partner. During the testicle massage, you can exercise your communication skills with your loved one as you express your boundaries, what you enjoy and what you consent to.

Overall breast and testicle massage offers great benefits to the practitioners. Tantric massage helps you connect with your inner feminine or masculine, enhance your health and manifest your sexual energy. You can exercise these rituals by yourself or with a partner. These massage methods are very simple, anyone interested can do it and they are very safe practices. 


Learn various techniques of Tantric massage as part of our Tantra Method Teacher Training. Our Tantra masseur, Sinan Heumer, believes that everybody can heal through his own energy and the support of a loving and nurturing touch.


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