Alexis Alcala


Who is Alexis Alcala?

Alexis is the founder of InnerCamp, a place to rediscover and harness your inner wellness. He is a life coach who propagates a flow of positive energy through what he calls the Transformation process.

He is a certified facilitator of Reiki and social meditations. Alexis’ work revolves around people management in different spheres of life. He has worked with different companies across Europe, Africa and Asia as a trainer, mentor, manager and coach. His sessions have worked wonders for these companies in utilizing their person-power to the utmost and contribute towards a burgeoning business model.

Alexis champions a Hygge lifestyle to bring forth joy and happiness. Absorbing the essence of a Tantric lifestyle and internalizing his Ikigai has been the crux of his own transformation. With the inception of InnerCamp, Alexis is committed to spreading the cheer around, and rightly so! He is someone whose life graph took an astounding turnaround when he taught himself the value of self-love. Imparting this coaching to others in order to promote internal happiness has now become his life goal.

About Alexis Alcala

A look into the past

Who was Alexis before he taught himself Transformation – looking through the mists of the past, reveals a person as normal as most others, a person who was trying to understand who he was, what his purpose in life was, and seeking solutions and enlightenment.

Work had taken him to foreign shores and he found himself looking for happiness outside home. Like so many of the people who have joined our community, he was a man ridden with demons of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. But unhappiness at what? It was as if there was an emotional vacuum inside him crying out for support. He was working at a job that did not give him any satisfaction and he was leading a life he was not happy with.

Grappling with emotional emptiness is nothing new. So many people battle with this feeling every day. In the process they don’t look within themselves to seek solutions. Invariably, this is what Alexis ended up doing too. He turned to external stimuli to help himself out of this, in the process digging himself into a deeper hole each day.

The turnaround

Sleeping badly and compensating his inner vacuum by binge eating, he was heading towards disaster when realization hit home. What was he doing to himself? This was certainly not why he had come into this world. There were better things for him to do, surely.

With steely resolve, he embarked upon a challenging path of self-enhancement. He trained in positive psychology, improvisation theatre, neurolinguistic programming, and coaching. This led to an incredible journey of self-discovery for Alexis. It was not easy and after many ups and down, he now knows who he is.

What is the Transformation process that InnerCamp supports? Alexis shows the way with his intuitive approach using various techniques to empower others. His methods enable him to look deep into the other person’s being and realize who they are and what they are battling. Each individual is fighting a different demon in their life. This means they all need different tools to fight and win their own battles.

The ultimate goal of the Transformation process is to assist an individual to reach the inner core and experience happiness that lies within. Alexis firmly believes that each individual has the potential within to achieve their dreams. Nothing is impossible. Each person just needs to be made aware of their capabilities.

InnerCamp helps individuals to recognize and acknowledge the power within and provide each person with the tools to reach their goals. Providing a secure environment for this is what helps in the ultimate transformation of an individual. A self-aware individual with a firm belief in self and their own abilities is what the Transformation process is all about.

Based on the transformation Alexis underwent and how he benefited from it, Alexis has made it his life’s mission to pass on this to anyone who is in need.

  • To help others using his learning and experiences.
  • To empower women in order to create a more equal society.
  • To reach out with honesty and transparency to others.
  • To work towards a life that teaches love and respect for our planet.

First and foremost, dreams can be realized. Each of us has had dreams that have been buried. Believe in your dreams – that is the most important thing.

Having a clear goal and a plan to reach your dream will lead to success.

Alexis conceptualized InnerCamp with a few other similar thinking people that he met along the way.

InnerCamp literally translates to a camp within you. It allows you to go deep within yourself and train yourself to become the best version that you can be. To achieve this, InnerCamp offers various life skills programs, workshops and retreats.

InnerCamp will provide you with tools to help you connect with the ‘real’ you. This includes internalizing lifestyles dictated by Hygge, Ikigai, and Tantra. In addition, there is coaching, neurolinguistic programming, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and Gestalt therapy, to name a few.

You have the right to be happy and to be the best version of yourself.
There is a place within you, a core that demands happiness. You need to recognize the potential you have. How else will you reach your goals?

The first step towards self-discovery is to love yourself. People often forget themselves in their life journey. You need to reclaim your life and seize control.

We are here to help you along!