Alexis Alcala


Who is Alexis Alcalá?

Alexis is the founder of InnerCamp, a global community of people trying to better the world through empowerment and self actualization. He is also a certified transformation coach who intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential so that they feel empowered to unleash that potential into their lives and world.

Innercamp offers programs, workshops, retreats and other tools designed to help people and companies to become their best versions using a foolproof method that has worked for hundreds of customers.

InnerCamp also runs a social program to help young women in SouthEast Asia.

About Alexis Alcalá

A look into the past

Who was Alexis before his transformation – looking through the mists of the past, reveals a person as normal as most others, a person who was trying to understand who he was, what his purpose in life was, and seeking solutions and enlightenment.

Work had taken him to foreign shores and he found himself looking for happiness outside home. Like so many of the people who have joined our community, he was a man ridden with demons of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. But unhappiness at what? It was as if there was an emotional vacuum inside him crying out for support. He was working at a job that did not give him any satisfaction and he was leading a life he was not happy with.

Grappling with emotional emptiness is nothing new. So many people battle with this feeling every day. In the process they don’t look within themselves to seek solutions. Invariably, this is what Alexis ended up doing too. He turned to external stimuli to help himself out of this, in the process digging himself into a deeper hole each day.

The InnerCamp approach begins with evaluating a person’s goals, life, and struggles. Then, we create a unique combination of various self-help techniques that is best suited for helping this person achieve a greater sense of how to discover happiness in their lives and in themselves.


The techniques we use are life skill programs, workshops, retreats, coaching, neurolinguistic programming, positive psychology and Gestalt therapy. InnerCamp’s mission is to make people aware of their capabilities and then use this awareness to further facilitate inner growth.

Based on the transformation to which he underwent and the benefit he obtained from it, Alexis has made his mission in life to transmit this knowledge to anyone who needs it.

  • To help others using their knowledge and experiences.
  • To empower women in order to create a more egalitarian society.
  • To approach with honesty and transparency to others.
  • To work towards a life that teaches love and respect for our planet.


How InnerCamp helps you awaken your inner force?

InnerCamp literally translates to a camp within you. To achieve this, InnerCamp offers various life skills programs, workshops and retreats.

InnerCamp will provide you with tools to help you connect with the ‘real’ you. This includes internalizing lifestyles dictated by Hygge, Ikigai, and Tantra. In addition, there is coaching, neurolinguistic programming, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and Gestalt therapy, to name a few.

You have the right to be happy and to be the best version of yourself.

The first step towards self-discovery is to love yourself.

People often forget themselves in their life journey.

You need to reclaim your life and seize control.