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Consciousness, quantum physics and the law of attraction

#May 1, 2019

Humanity has come a long way in its understanding of the nature of reality. Our curiosity and intelligence have always pushed us to understand our place in the cosmos. As such, we have been able to ask some tough questions and pursue their answers. Over centuries of work by countless scientists, our pool of knowledge has grown substantially. We have been to the Moon and sent robots to Mars!

However, with all our knowledge, we are still barely scratching the surface. There are still many gaps in our understanding of the universe. Take, for instance, quantum physics. It is a branch of science that describes how the smallest particles like photons and electrons exist and interact with each other. The challenge is that quantum physics is bizarre as it doesn’t follow the classical understanding of physics.

In classical physics, you can predict where a wave of light or an object will be in the future (given its current position), but with quantum physics, you can’t make a 100% correct prediction. Particles pop in and out of existence all the time and as energy is a property of a particle, understanding it in quantum physics is difficult. Also, consider the fact that light can exist both as a wave and a particle, based on how it is observed, and it quickly becomes clear that we have yet to understand how everything works on the tiniest of scales.

This is where ancient spiritual texts and knowledge come into play. Ancient sages, gurus, healers, mystics, and others have always thought to have had a clear understanding of reality. One of the fundamental keys to that understanding is consciousness. Spirituality has posited that the entire universe is permeated by universal energy or consciousness. Throughout the ages, it has been called by various names. People have called it god, cosmic energy, and Reiki energy. Once you look at reality through this lens, everything starts to become clearer, and we can finally establish a connection between quantum physics and the larger reality.

How the Two are Connected

The consciousness that humans experience is a microcosm of the larger universal consciousness. As such, our role and place, in reality, becomes ever more significant. When it comes to quantum physics, it is often said that you can’t have a universe (or reality) without the mind entering into it. It is generally thought that the mind actually shapes the very thing that is being perceived. In simpler words, you shape your reality. It is also speculated by some scientists that consciousness itself could be a byproduct of quantum phenomena! In that way, your brain could actually be a quantum computer. This is the connection between quantum physics and consciousness. One influences the other.

This might explain why light behaves like a particle or a wave (two completely different things) based on how it is observed. At the quantum level, the mere act of observation changes the fundamental state of light. It is as if nature (and light) knows that we are looking at it, and it decides to change its state based on that act of looking. It clearly shows that we do not live in an objective world (which has been the fundamental assumption of classical science). Reality, it seems, is subjective in nature, and consciousness, be it human or universal, plays a role in that subjectivity.

There is another theory that is relevant to this discussion. It is the multi-worlds interpretation of quantum physics. It states that there are an infinite number of worlds (universes), and everything that can happen is happening or has happened in one of these universes. So, every choice you could have ever made, or can ever make, actually exists as a potentiality. Why is this relevant? This is because you can influence your choices based on your consciousness. And, as such, you can dictate the type of reality you will experience. For instance, if you consciously make a choice of becoming a lawyer, that can become your reality. The same goes for if you want to become a writer. All these different professions already exist as quantum possibilities. Your consciousness just makes one of them your actual reality.

This is what the Law of Attraction is based on. For those unaware of the Law of Attraction, it states that you manifest in your life what you pay attention to the most. So, if you pay attention to positive things like growth and prosperity, you attract those in your life. And if you pay attention to negative things, then you attract negativity. Here, your consciousness leads to quantum fluctuations in reality that shape your life accordingly.

The understanding of quantum physics, consciousness, and the connection between the two is not merely limited to the pursuit of knowledge. It directly affects your daily life and, thus, has a practical aspect to it. If you instil this knowledge into your daily life, you can actually have a much greater degree of control. Instead of being taken for a ride, you could consciously choose which waves to ride.

You can also do some spiritual practices that can enhance your perception of reality. A lot of significance has been given to the breath in yogic texts. There is an entire practice in yoga called pranayama that is considered a means of attaining higher states of awareness. “Prana” means life energy, and “Yama” means control. So, you are essentially using energy (or consciousness), to control your life and reality. As you can see, the yogis have forever known how everything in the universe is connected and how the fundamental forces interact with each other.

Another thing you can try is conscious connected breathwork. These techniques are beneficial for your body and mind and can help you establish a deeper connection between your consciousness and the universal consciousness/energy. Conscious connected breathwork lets you access your subconscious mind to release all the stuff that you don´t need with you anymore. You can try different connected breathwork techniques, like Rebirthing, Holotropic, Transformational, and Shamanic.

At InnerCamp, we use different elements from many different styles to create deeply healing breathwork therapy. You can try one of our workshops or join our trainings.

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