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Here are 4 tantra practices to instantly strengthen your relationship

#May 3, 2021

Contrary to what many may believe, Tantra is not just one thing. It has multiple meanings whose roots date back to ancient times. Tantra is a multi-dimensional tool for transformation, leads to spiritual expansion and establishes a strong connection with the very fabric of existence.

Its principles can be applied to virtually any situation in life, any aspect of life, and by any person. This is why many people seek to use Tantric tools to improve their relationships, which happens to be one of the most important spheres for any person. Those who practice Tantra diligently, tend to experience much stronger bonds and fulfillment in their romantic relationships.

Some Tantra tools:

1) The Soulful Embrace

There is something deeply spiritual about an embrace. It is not only about two physical bodies connecting, but two spirits coming together in a tender moment. Even though some animals are known to embrace each other too, it seems like it has a deeper and more relevant significance for humans. You can use the soulful embrace as a tantric tool to build a stronger bond with your partner.

The soulful embrace goes above and beyond your regular hugs and creates an entirely different atmosphere. In this exercise, you and your partner need to come together in a moment of silence and completely embrace each other with all your might. Don’t do it vigorously though! Be conscious about it and do it with sincerity. Close your eyes and just think about everything that you love about your partner at that moment. Your partner will be doing the same.

Continue hugging each other for at least three minutes and make sure both of you become increasingly relaxed in each other’s presence. Pay attention to how safe and secure you feel being with your partner. As you breathe slowly, focus on each other’s heartbeats. Then, after three minutes, as you gradually disengage, gaze into each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes. This will immediately establish a connection between the two of you that will be stronger than anything you’ve experienced before.

2) Seeing Divinity in your Partner

Tantra is all about acknowledging and experiencing the true nature of reality using various tools. In spirituality, it is thought that the entirety of reality is made of just one single energy field that permeates and pervades everything in the universe. It is this energy that is often called the universal consciousness. So, “seeing divinity in your partner” simply means acknowledging that your partner is made of the same divine energy that makes up everything else.

This might take a little bit of practice. This is because you need to make a shift in the way you perceive things and people. From the core of your being, let the realisation hit you that everything is literally the same. This will help you rise above the illusionary divisions that your mind creates, and experience everything on a spiritual level. The same applies to your partner as well.

Once you see your loved one on par with divine energy, you can’t help but shower unconditional love on them. When the same is reciprocated, it creates a lasting connection that transcends any physicality. This particular Tantric tool is not something that you do once in a while. Rather, it is something that should be practiced on a daily basis.

3) Treating the Senses

This Tantric tool was very common a few centuries ago. In modern times, where sensuality and sexual encounters have become casual, this tool has started fading. However, if you can bring it into your relationship, it could give rise to immense pleasure, intense love, other-worldly connection, and an electric ambiance. It could also motivate you and your partner to engage more in your individual personal sacred space.

“Treating the senses” means creating an experience for your partner where you stimulate each of their senses with utmost love and care. The idea is to increase intimacy and enhance the comfort that you feel in each other’s presence. You can start by dedicating an hour for this practice where both of you will be undisturbed. Then, you can prepare a room with aromatic scents, soft lighting, an assortment of edibles like fruits and chocolates, and so on.

Then, you need to blindfold your partner and ask them to lay down on their back. Next, you can surprise them with fruits, chocolates, drops of liquor, or other things they like tasting. You could also gently run your fingers down their body or pleasure them with feather strokes. Massaging them with essential oils is another way you can stimulate your partner. Finally, you can take their blindfold off, gaze them in their eyes, and embrace them in silence for a while.

4) Synchronising

This is an intimate exercise that you will love doing with your partner regularly. It doesn’t require you to make any preparation and can be considered an extension of the first tool (the soulful embrace). Only synchronising, we take things to a whole other level. Start by asking your partner to lay down on the bed and then you lay down behind them so that you can spoon your partner.

As your bodies connect, make sure you align your chakras with theirs. So, your heart chakra will line up their heart chakra, your sacral chakra lines up with theirs, and so on. Then, you need to place your left arm under their neck so that your left hand can touch their forehead (where the third eye chakra is located). Your right arm should be used to cradle your partner while your right hand should be placed above their heart. Your partner would place their right hand over yours.

Next, you need to synchronise your breathing. This may take some practice but eventually, it becomes easier. You need to inhale at the same time, take a pause and then exhale at the same time. Keep doing it in a relaxed manner for a while. In the silence of this experience, feel as though you are merging into a single entity. You may fall into a deep slumber and wake up experiencing strong love for each other.

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