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InnerCamp x SoulCircus: Friday

#July 30, 2023

Friday (August 18)


Conscious Breathwork for Energy & Vitality

Join us for a transformative journey into the realm of conscious breathwork. In this immersive workshop, you’ll learn how conscious breathing can awaken dormant energy within, revitalizing your body, mind, and spirit. Jordan will expertly lead you through dynamic breathwork practices, enabling you to release stress, clear blockages, and tap into your innate wellspring of vitality. Whether you’re seeking a natural boost in energy or a holistic approach to recharge yourself, this workshop offers a safe and supportive environment for all levels of experience.


Karunesh Heart Chakra Opening Ceremony

This immersive experience is designed to unlock the power of your heart chakra, the center of compassion, love, and connection. You’ll learn to release blockages and cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance. Discover the art of balancing your heart’s energy, fostering healthier relationships, and embracing a profound sense of interconnectedness. This workshop offers a sacred space to explore and nurture the essence of your heart.


Somatic Experience for Trauma Release

Somatic Experiencing is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the body’s physical sensations, movements, and patterns as a means to heal and release trauma. By accessing the body’s innate ability to process and discharge the energy associated with traumatic experiences, Somatic Experiencing aims to restore a sense of safety and balance to the nervous system. Discover how unresolved trauma can manifest as physical tension and emotional distress, and gain tools to release these patterns at their root. In this workshop you will learn to access and release stored trauma through gentle movement, breathwork, mindfulness practices, and body-centered techniques, allowing blocked energy to flow freely once again.


Breathwork to Explore your Inner Shaman

Your inner shaman is the primal and intuitive essence that resides within, a guiding force connecting you to unseen realms. It’s the conduit through which you access deeper insights, healing energies, and a profound understanding of myself and the world around me. By channeling the breath’s primal energy, you’ll access altered states of consciousness and tap into your intuitive wisdom. Through rhythmic breathing, you’ll hop on a visionary exploration, uncovering hidden aspects of yourself.


Tantric Breathwork to Connect to Your Intuition

Immerse yourself in the potent synergy of these practices, harmoniously combined to awaken your senses and guide you toward profound self-discovery. This session is meticulously crafted to expand your consciousness and tap into the deep reservoirs of your inner essence. Through purposeful and profound breathing techniques, you will uncover and release blocked energy, dissolve entrenched emotional patterns, and nurture an elevated state of awareness.


Restoring your Sacred Temple (Boundaries Workshop)

Sacred boundaries are the personalized limits and guidelines that safeguard one’s emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. They are essential for maintaining self-respect, fostering healthy relationships, and creating a harmonious balance between personal autonomy and social interactions. In this empowering workshop, we will guide you through the intricate art of setting and honoring boundaries. Unveil the hidden power of your body as a temple, and learn to navigate its thresholds with grace and intention. Through ritualistic practices, and energetic healing, you will embark on a profound inner expedition to rekindle self-love and establish profound connections.


Breathwork for Supernatural Powers and Abilities

This unique experience encourages you to embark on an interior journey like no other. Through the power of breath, discover the untapped depths of your being, unlocking hidden potentials and unearthing supernatural powers that lie dormant within. Surrender to the rhythmic waves of your breath as they carry you through ethereal landscapes, connecting you with ancient wisdom and transcendent realms.


Ancestral Connection & Healing Ceremony

You will delve into the understanding that trauma can be passed down through generations, influencing our beliefs, behaviors, and overall well-being. This worksho presents an integrative method for healing energy, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ancestral trauma by merging the transforming practices of Tantra and Shamanism. Take a step further into unlocking the potential for profound healing and the transformation of your ancestral legacy.

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