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Ridiculously simple ways to improve your Yoni weightlifting

#July 21, 2022

Yoni or vaginal weightlifting is trending amongst women for its incredible benefits. Practitioners report that this vaginal fitness practice enhances their sex life immensely by tightening their pelvic muscles. To feel empowered, sexually vibrant and strong you can try these exercises at home.

Most of the time, vaginas are not given loving self-care and attention by their owners. Muscles of the pelvic floor go weak and this leads to feelings of desensitisation and sexual frustration. Most of us stay unaware of the vaginal muscle principles and their consequences. In reality, vaginas are composed of muscles and you can strengthen them by exercising. 

At first, vaginal weightlifting can sound intimidating. When the practice is introduced the first thing that people ask is “Ok, but How?!”. Lifting things using your vagina is possible by using special weights such as yoni eggs, cones and kegel exercise weights. You insert these weights and follow the recommended routines. Make sure to tie a string to the weight to take it out easily. It is also possible to attach a pouch or a purse to the string and add extra items for a more intense workout as you get more and more confident. 

Benefits of Yoni Weightlifting

  • Enhanced sexual arousal
  • Better grip during penetration which gives you more control and increases the pleasure of your partner as well
  • Easier, more intense and frequent orgasms
  • Better sensitivity in the vagina
  • Easier childbirth 
  • Less intense menstrual cramps
  • Exercising mindfulness and focusing on your intentions
  • Vaginal toning
  • Enjoying a self-care ritual focusing on sexuality
  • Empowerment and more confidence
  • Scientific studies suggest that yoni weightlifting can “ease symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, prevent or treat uterine prolapse, prevent leakage and improve your core after childbirth”.

Risks of Yoni Weightlifting

This practice can become risky if the wrong weight is used. It is very important to take it slow and progress step by step. Start with lighter weights and increase the intensity only when you start feeling confident. If you go too fast you can experience pain, discomfort or tearing. Smaller size weights require stronger muscles to keep them in place. So you can start with a bigger size but lightweight tool if it keeps sliding out. Another tip is using silicone-free lube to ease the insertion of the weights. 

Another possible complication is infections. You need to make sure what you are inserting into your vagina is properly cleaned. If you don’t pay attention you may suffer from bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection. People who suffer from conditions such as vaginal infection, pelvic issues or prolapse need to consult their doctor before practising vaginal weightlifting. 

Some things you need to consider for practising vaginal weightlifting are: 

  • Washing your hands before insertion
  • Washing the weight and storing your tools in a hygienic place when they are not in use
  • Making sure the string hangs outside from your vagina so that you can pull it out easily after you are done. Don’t worry the weights can’t get stuck.

How To Start

Kegel refers to the exercises of clenching the pelvic floor muscles. You can try to stop while peeing if you want to locate these muscles. It is important to work on your kegel skills beforehand. You need to know which muscles to contract or you will not be able to do yoni weightlifting exercises. 

For vaginal weightlifting, firstly you need to have the proper tools. Cleanse the weights by placing them in hot water with a few drops of vinegar or soap (wait 10 minutes and then rinse). If you are using a yoni egg, you can set an intention before inserting it to work with your powerful womb energies. Use this time to visualise your goal and focus on manifesting it. When you are fully relaxed, insert the weight. You do it just like inserting a tampon. 

Now do the following exercises:

Yoni Weightlifting Exercises

Some of the exercises you can do are:

  • Shavasana: Lay flat on your back and start doing kegel exercises. Hold your clench around the weight for five seconds then relax for the next five seconds. Repeat this five times.
  • Child’s pose: Kneel down and sit on your heels. Now lean forward on your belly and stretch your arms forward over your head. As you stretch your back, clench around the weight, frequently and firmly around 15 to 20 times. Then relax for a few seconds, and repeat this cycle three times.
  • Bridge: Lay flat on your back and bend your knees. Then lift your hips and clench your muscles around the weight. Gently drop your hips back and relax. Repeat this cycle six times. 

Exercises you can do with attaching extra weights to the string are:

  • Hip swings front and back: Push your pelvis back and forth standing up slowly. Keep rocking your hips 30 times while the extra weights swing and grip the egg with your muscles. 
  • Deep squats: Squat as deep as you can and stand in this pose for 20-30 seconds as you do Kegels 10 times. Do this set three times? 
  • Hip circles: Corkscrew your hips to each side 10 times while standing up. Clench your muscles around the weight inside you throughout the exercise. 

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