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Marili Viirmaa

#February 1, 2023

Smiley and the go-getter type. Marili loves sharing good energy and her passion has always been helping people around her. For over a decade, she has gracefully navigated the realms of administration and management, passionately dedicating herself to uplifting those around her. Harnessing her innate ability to bring about positive change and devise solutions, she effortlessly aligns her vibrant personality with the task at hand.
Marili’s current journey serves as a profound catalyst, propelling her closer to the realms of spirituality and unveiling her true purpose. In awe of the transformative power within, she fervently embraces this path, eager to uncover the depths of her mission. Guided by her unwavering belief, she wholeheartedly embraces the mantra, “Always leave people and places better than you found them.” Such words serve as a compass, directing her actions towards creating a lasting impact, nurturing souls, and elevating the very essence of existence itself.

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