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The cosmic orgasm: how to raise the Kundalini energy

#February 14, 2020

Are you among those who believe the false narrative that one has to choose between their sexual self and being a spiritual person? Are you thinking that you cannot pursue both because they are diametrically opposed? Here is the good news for you. Your sexual experiences do not necessarily hinder your spiritual path. You can seamlessly make spirituality and sexuality be in service to one another, often with explosive results. They both have crucial roles to play in living your life to the fullest. The golden link between your sexual energy and your spiritual development is called Kundalini.

Kundalini energy

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini refers to the source of all energy, the primal power. It is traditionally believed that the term comes from the Sanskrit Kundal, which literally means “coiled one” (that which is coiled) or from the word Kunda, meaning “deep place, cavity”. It is often illustrated as a sleeping serpent coiled three and a half times. In all the oldest mystic traditions of the world, the serpent symbolizes consciousness. The three coils represent:

  • Three Mantras of OM – past, present and future
  • Three Gunas, or states of consciousness – waking, sleeping and dreaming
  • Three types of experiences – subjective, sensual and absence of experience

The half coil is the symbol of transcendence. Altogether, the coils express the total experience of the Universe.

In the human body, Kundalini is situated at the root of the spine. More precisely, in the masculine body it sits in the perineum (between the urinary and the excretory organs), while in the female body, it is located in the cervix (at the base of the uterus). Because of its seat at the root chakra, the Kundalini powerhouse is expressed as sexual energy.

Awakening the Sleeping Beauty

In the Tantric texts, Kundalini is a sleeping dormant potential force that, when just awakened, can be hard to handle. In its first manifestation, the awakened energy is called Kali, the Hindu female goddess of death time and change. When you acquire mastery over your energy and become able to use it for beneficial purposes, there is the emergence of Durga, the higher and more refined symbol of the superconscious who bestows glory and beauty.

With the awakening of Kundalini, a metamorphosis takes place. You are no longer tapping into only a small percentage of your spiritual and sexual pleasure. You can experience a deep sense of joy and contentment that derives from being in full connection with your body and your soul. As if every cell in your body is shared with high voltage. You can come into contact with the Divine Power and recognize your Divine nature.

Raise your Kundalini with Tantric breathing

The rise of Kundalini energy triggers pleasure and power throughout your chakras. You may experience a sense of enlightenment that makes you feel almost invincible. While the awakening may happen spontaneously, there are some practices that can trigger the process. In particular, breathing exercises and meditations can assist you in channelling your sexual energy. Join one of our breathwork workshops to discover more or try Tantric breathing.

There are two basic types of Tantric breath:

  1. Breathe through your nose slowly and rhythmically. Such a breathing pattern is said to help you control your sexual energy. The slower and deeper you breathe through your nose, the more effective it is.

2. Breathe actively through your mouth. Managing this type of breathing can be beneficial to males who are about to orgasm during sex. They can exhale air more forcefully while tightening their abdomen. This provides more pleasure for themself and their partner.

Raising your Kundalini energy can contribute much to your sexual and spiritual journey and it will also get you in touch with your potential for bliss. What you achieve during breathwork or actual sex is often called cosmic orgasm because it helps you feel prolonged pleasure all over your body. The coiled snake that is your Kundalini energy rises and slithers from your root chakra at the base up to your crown chakra (top of the head). The process connects all your chakras, tapping at all the powers from each one, and then combining them for an explosive experience.

Do you want to guide others on a tantric journey through authenticity and self-love? If so, become a world-class tantra teacher with our Tantra Method Training!

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