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These 4 teachings will change the way you approach shamanism

#December 22, 2020

Shamanism is an umbrella term used to refer to many different spiritual practices throughout the world. Unlike other practices like meditation and yoga, shamanic ones are still not that well known. However, its presence can be found across many diverse cultures and religions. In fact, it is believed to precede the establishment of organized religions.

Shamanism is a way of life where a person recognizes the oneness of reality and lives accordingly. They live in tune with Mother Nature and delve into the metaphysical aspects of reality for guidance and healing. As with other belief systems of the world, shamanism has its own symbolism, rituals, and practices.

To understand what shamanism truly is, it is crucial to understand what a shaman can do. Contrary to the misconception that most people have, anyone can become a shaman with proper training and guidance.

What can a shaman do?

Traditionally, shamans were healers in a community or a tribe. They used to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional issues faced by the people in the community. As with most other things, shamanism has evolved throughout the ages while maintaining the same core beliefs. Today, shamans can come from any social background or culture. And it’s not necessary for them to be limited to this role alone. As such, they can pursue other professions while helping others with shamanic practices.

A shaman is able to venture into the spiritual realm and gather relevant information so that they can provide guidance to those that seek it. They do this by altering their consciousness and entering a trance-like state.

In the modern world, you can see shamans and shamanic practitioners guiding people on some of the most crucial aspects of human life like health, relationships, and career.

How can shamanism help your life?

If you become a shamanic practitioner, you can live a much more fulfilled life. You can experience what most people will never experience in their lives – a oneness with reality and everything that exists around you. Although it might take a while before you can indulge in the more intense shamanic practices, it is worth the time and effort as it will enhance the experience of your life and help you in several ways. There are three major ways shamanism can help your life. Let’s take a look at these below.

1) Shamanic healing can improve your health

Healing forms one of the core aspects of shamanism. As a shamanic practitioner, you can use several ancient shamanic practices and knowledge to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. This ability to heal and become healed has been beneficial and relevant to humans throughout the ages. In modern times, it is especially so.

The countless stressful situations in life can lead to ailments that may go unnoticed. Most of the time, these stressors can create blockages in the energy channels within your body, that can manifest into health conditions and diseases. As a person who practices shamanism, you will be able to use a holistic approach to treat your various maladies. This usually involves using botanical medicines, rituals, singing, and playing musical instruments.

2) It can provide guidance from the spiritual realm

It seems like uncertainty has been woven into the fabric of life itself. You don’t know what will happen in the future and what you should do in the present moment. If only we could get some guidance to ensure that we move in the right direction and on the right path, that would be so helpful! This is exactly what can happen with shamanism as your ally.

In shamanism, you can gain access to the invisible reality. In other words, you can perceive higher dimensions that influence your physical reality. In shamanism, it is believed that every person has a spiritual helper that subtly guides them throughout their lives. You can consciously contact these helpers and ask for any answers you seek. The better you are at interpreting their messages, the better your decisions in this reality will become.

3) It helps you live a less stressful life

There are many ways shamanism can help you live a stress-free life. Just the realization that everything in the universe is one energy and you ultimately get assimilated into it, is often enough to bring a sense of peace to your mind.
Instead of trying to find happiness in the material world, you will look for joy in the little things. This is the way it was in ancient times and the way it could be today too. Much of the stress and anxiety that we experience today is the result of running after materialistic pleasures and societal status. In the grand scheme of things, none of these matter. What matters is the quality of life you live and the happiness infused in every moment.

4) It helps you find your purpose

By seeking the counsel of a shaman or becoming a shamanic practitioner, you can use the ability to alter your consciousness to find your purpose in life. Many people have this experience, when they enter a trance-like state and meet with their spiritual helpers. These helpers then tell them about why they are in the physical reality in the first place.

We often don’t think about all this, but there is a reason why you exist right now, at this time, at this place, and in your body. You are in this physical realm to complete a purpose. If you can find it, you live a very rewarding and fulfilling life. If not, you will always have an inner nagging feeling that there is something missing in your life. It’s just your spiritual helper’s way of telling you that you need to find your purpose. Thankfully, shamanism provides a way to find your purpose.

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