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Try these 4 techniques to help heal your sexual wounds

#May 18, 2021

Sex is a natural part of life. In fact, there wouldn’t be life on this planet without sex! The very existence of duality tells you that nature intended life to be a culmination of two opposing forces that come together and become one. When you look at sex through a lens that goes beyond just physicality, you realise what a powerful dimension it is. Tantra has understood this since its inception.

In ancient India and other eastern cultures, there was an open-minded view on sex and sexuality. This surprises a lot of people but it makes sense considering how several Tantric practices originated from that era that were specifically designed to help people explore their sexuality.

A concept that was once pure and spiritual has now become a taboo of sorts, even though people are seemingly freer than ever to choose their sexual partners and sexuality. It’s ironic that parts of society regard sex as wrong or a dirty activity. There is a lot of negativity about something that is the very reason for our existence. Where there is misunderstanding and apprehension about something, there is often violence too.

This is perhaps why sexual abuse and sexual trauma are so prevalent in society. Sexual trauma can cause physical, mental, and emotional pain that can last forever. It can also stunt a person’s spiritual growth.
Some people and institutions choose to demean, shame, or attack others who wish to express their sexuality and are open about it.

Sacred Sexuality

The whole world needs to understand what sacred sexuality is. Only then will we be able to understand ourselves better and put an end to atrocities like sexual trauma.

To understand sacred sexuality, you need to first shed your current ideas about sex and look at sex as a spiritual practice, a tantric practice. Sacred sexuality is about a complete union, where individual souls merge into one at the highest point of pleasure that they are capable of experiencing. At that moment, as the two souls are intertwined with each other, they become intertwined with the divine energy itself.

This is one of the main reasons why people seek sex. Without realising it, they crave sex not for pleasure, but for a connection with the divine. Sexuality is a powerful energy that forms the basis of physical reality itself and is a force of creation that can manifest in many ways.

Sacred sexuality can not only right the wrongs that society is responsible for in regard to beliefs and philosophies about sex, but it can also help an individual heal their sexual wounds. It takes courage and patience to do so, but it is possible.

Some ways to heal your sexual wounds:

1) Create a daily ritual

Tend to your physical and emotional needs every day to heal your sexual wounds. This is a gradual process and will happen incrementally. A great way to make sure it happens smoothly is by creating a daily routine. Give yourself some time every day to take care of your body. Take a bubble bath, massage yourself lovingly, say words of admiration about who you are, dance and feel how your body moves, use essential oils and get lost in their aroma, pleasure your senses in various ways, and accept who you are as an individual.

2) Give up the shame

Sexual trauma can cause a person to become hyposexual, where a person either completely stops or greatly reduces engaging in any sexual activities. The mere thought of arousal can seem to be haunting. If we try to suppress our sexuality and desires, they can get buried in our being and come bursting out at a later point. It’s important to be open to sexual experiences and to let go of any shame and guilt you may have. If you have been subject to sexual abuse, understand that it was not your fault and don’t let it keep you away from something so spiritual.

3) Understand what arouses you

Since sex is a taboo subject in many parts of the world, some people don’t want to gain a deeper understanding of their sexual nature. This makes their acts of intimacy less sensual and they might live unsatisfied lives. This can also keep the sexual wound open forever. Understand what truly arouses you and acknowledge that this differs from person to person. Try to experience new things such as art, books, poetry, movies, and so on that may excite you. You could also take a look at what other people do and take inspiration from them.

4) Practice Chakra Healing Meditation

This is a powerful type of meditation that can help you heal from most emotional and physical trauma. It addresses the flow of energy in your system and makes sure that past memories and energies are released. It involves sitting in a meditative posture and focusing on the seven chakras one by one. There are many guided meditations on YouTube that can help you.

Tantra can serve as a mirror and show your true reflection. It can teach you balance and self-love, which will help you, build intimacy with yourself and bring greater awareness of your own body and mind.

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