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Wealth and spiritual growth. Are they connected?

#August 16, 2021

Everywhere in the world, regardless of currency, children overestimate the physical size of money so when we ask them to draw a coin, they draw circles where diameters larger than their actual size. The size of a coin is relatively more overestimated by poor children than rich children, probably because of the different relevance in their lives.

Why are we trapped in to misperceptions about money, its role in our wellbeing and our ability (or worthiness) to have enough of it? “Trees don’t sell apples”. This saying reminds us that the universe is naturally abundant, and scarcity is an acquired value grounded in fear of not having enough. All our needs are always provided.

When seeking guidance about money and wealth, start by looking for the subconscious blockages that prevent the natural flow, the hidden beliefs that continuously sabotage your conscious efforts. Finding these blocks and removing them is called deprogramming. The work is about releasing the shame, the guilt, the “playing small” that has become a refuge for a deep lack of self-worth, the subtle belief that you do not deserve abundance, the counterproductive ego-crushing convictions that turn anyone into their own worst enemy!

Wealth consciousness can be a spiritual practice. Many theologies see money as inherently bad or evil, but Tantra offers a profoundly different spiritual context. In Tantric philosophy, the manifestation of the world is just as divine as its conscious essence and in this way, Tantra celebrates the mundane as much as the divine. Money is simply flowing energy and to allow abundance to freely flow within us we need to work on our blockages and limiting beliefs.

Developing wealth consciousness is a process through which we can become more attuned to both our feminine and our masculine essences, and thus live a more aligned and balanced life. The feminine principle is associated with receptivity, the ability to magnetise that which we desire to us, to call it in, to open up. On the other hand, the masculine aspects of pushing and the making-it-happen mentality are just as important when it comes to setting goals.


Try this process for working money/abundance into your second chakra:

Sit with your eyes closed for three minutes, becoming consciously aware of your breath.

Continue your focus on your breath for another three minutes. Now start to draw the breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Keep the same count for in and out breaths. If you breathe in for five counts, breathe out for five counts.

Now place your hands on your lower belly, and draw the breath and the energy into your second chakra (located in the lower abdomen area, just below the belly button). Feel the air as it expands and relaxes the area.

On your breaths, envision with feeling and vivid imagery all the things that you are open to receiving. This could be relationships, creative inspiration, money and gifts. This could be love, peace, calm, feminine alignment, or anything you desire. Picture these things flowing into you.

Now, start to focus on abundance, what that means to you, the version of you who lives an abundant life, and what that looks and feels like. How you spend your money when you are abundant, what types of companies you support, and how abundance opens new doors for you, your family, and your community. See different channels, paths, and roadways flowing into your body, pouring over you, and completely enveloping you. Feel into the magic, the prosperity, the abundance, and let that feeling expand and grow.

When the process feels complete, come back to natural breathing and gently bring yourself back to the here and now.

Learn more about abundance through the Tantra practice that we teach at our InnerCamp Tantra Method training. Enrollment is now open.

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